Kim In The City - Day 1

See how happy I look? Marty took this photo of me on bended knee right after we came out of M&M World in Times Square, New York City. Bright candy plus bright lights = a very blissed out Kim.

That's right-this little country Worcester mouse ventured into the big city last weekend for one hell of a weekend.

You wouldn't imagine so much could be accomplished in merely two days, but I achieved many great things and went to several cool places.

Kate was kind enough to email me the bread crumbs of my trail since I'll never remember all the places we visited so here is what Saturday was like:

  • Rock Center at The Hilton Hotel where my LimoLiner pimped out bus dropped me off after a four hour bus ride from Framingham, MA. (More on that little adventure under a separate post.)
  • East Village where Marty and Kate live with their dog Lou. We had lunch at Why Curry? where I had a delicious Thai Iced Tea with a cleverly wrapped straw and enjoyed my first dish of Pad Se Ew. Later we visited Toy Tokyo where I had my Barbapapa fix of unaffordable toys.
  • SoHo -We shopped at Pearl River Mart. This was an amazingly large store filled with so many exotic wares. I bought Hello Kitty bubble gum, a bag of authentic Oodles of Noodles, a dinner plate with a cute hamster holding a bunny and various other little things. I felt like a dirty American shopping for knock off purses in China Town and ultimately was disappointed that a container of Dolce Gabana knock-offs arrived that weekend. My personal rule of thumb is you should only be allowed to buy a fake purse if it's a reasonable assumption you'd be able to afford it at full price.
  • Lower East Side - I had authentic Mexican corn on a stick and a big bottle of glass Coke at a small little place called Cafe Habana. The corn was cooked on a grill then dipped in an exotic cheese that resembled Parmesan and then sprinkled with a mild chilly pepper. It was really, really good. Unfortunately between the corn and the earlier Thai Food (and all the excitement of potential purse shopping), my stomach became upset and I had to stop at a Rite-Aid for some chewy Rolaids.
  • I got to buy 6 pomegranates from a street vendor for $2 a piece which was really a good deal. Kate did her best to haggle the seller down to ten bucks, but in the end Marty forked over another two bucks. Believe me, I would have bought more but one thing about living in the city is you don't have the luxury of a car and pomegranates are heavy fruits when you buy as much as I'm accustomed to. Kate was kind enough to lug them around Saturday night as she said their weight provided some balance to her aching back and feet.
  • Dinner at John's of 12th Street back in the East Village. I had this amazing appetizer called a Spedini. Imagine a fried donut covered in red sauce and lots of baked cheese. Do your best imagining what it would taste like because you'll never even get close. If you're ever in the East Village, check this place out just for the appetizer.
We retired back to their apartment where I managed to drink some tequila, catch them up on some good stories before crashing on their very comfy Pottery Barn wrap around couch. I slept like a rock until Lou decided to start barking around 4am.

I managed to get back to sleep rather easily because after all...I had such a big day.

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