Kim In The City - Day 2

I cozily awoke on the comfy couch around 9:30 wrapped in my winter cardinal pajamas. Looking out the window I could see the day was going to be cold and dreary, but was still looking forward to more adventures.

I craved coffee to awaken me from the naughty gulps of tequila from the night before. (Earlier I had popped a few aspirin because I had a slight throb going on in the front temple, but nothing that would qualify as any sort of hang-over.) Marty and Kate went out of their way the night before to buy coffee and regular milk for me being that they drink mostly tea and soy milk. We nearly ran into a snag when they couldn't find any sugar in the apartment. Kate offered a choice of some sort of natural sweetener that began with a "G" or honey, but at the last minute Marty saved the morning by proclaiming, "I found some organic sugar." Hooray.

We had breakfast at Veselka's where I enjoyed a hearty portion of pancakes and a slice of kielbasa. Who knew I could enjoy having breakfast in a family-owned Ukrainian soul food restaurant of the East Village on a rainy Sunday morning? It was delicious and I loved their little tumbler of orange juice with the meal. They also gave our table a whole dish of butter/margarine packets nicely arranged in the shape of a flower (or was that my imagination?) and you have to give a restaurant special props for that attention to detail because it seems in New England-butter is a scarce commodity and you always have to ask for extra.

Kate had hung an art exhibit over at NYU in the West Village so we headed over there so I could see where Marty worked and also to see the art exhibit. I'm a bit of a voyeur when it comes to seeing people's work spaces so this was perfect for me. I got to sit in Marty's Aeron chair which was like sitting on a fluffy white cloud of sheer comfort and got an inside view of how she spends her day being the assistant to the chair at NYU (not the Aeron chair!).

As we were heading back to the apartment to gather my things, I saw a shop that had the most colorful large bags in the window. Appropriately enough, the store was called Big Bag located on 49 East 8th Street in NY. Here was the purse shopping I had craved upon coming to New York. The shop was fairly small, but so very bright. They had an amazing selection of (you guessed it!) big bags, tote bags, laptop bags and wallets. After much deliberation, I bought a LovCat wallet with this blinged out heart clasp that was my biggest and most cherished purchase of the weekend. Note to self: save lots of money for the next visit to BigBag so you can buy more stuff.

We all piled into their car and Kate drove us over to Midtown East so I could visit Dylan's Candy Bar. Ralph Lauren's daughter created this amazing candy shop and walking into it is exactly what you'd imagine a trendy NY candy store to be: bright, filled with every imaginable candy and packed with sensational possibilities of decadence. When we first entered, Marty and I both thought the place was a little small until we saw the steps leading us down into the lower level. Ahhh. Relief. There really was more to see. I took tons of pictures and was happy to see the store personnel didn't tap me on the shoulder to stop me from documenting the experience every blissful step of the way. I nearly bought a Rainbow-Bright inspired winter scarf, but found the $40 price tag a bit too steep for my taste after the Lovcat wallet purchase earlier in the afternoon. But I did end up buying some candy and Marty surprised me during the checkout by handing me a Hello Kitty Pez dispenser and a bag of Christmas Pop Rocks.

While we were shopping, Kate was driving around the city so we didn't have to park the car. We called her to say we were "...ready for pickup M'Lady" when Marty exclaimed, "Oh, No!" I thought car accident, but what really happened is Kate got onto the Queensboro bridge ramp and nearly landed herself in Queens. Fortunately, she was only delayed a little bit and picked us up curbside rather easily.

With a little time to spare, we drove towards Times Square to squeeze in a visit to M&M World. It was OK, but inside felt way too manic for me. Lots of M&M merchandise and not enough candy. I have to admit I was also very disappointed that in both candy stores, I wasn't able to find much XL clothing. Ironic that candy stores sell super small clothing without any plus size offerings for girls like me with big appetites for destruction (I mean candy).

They dropped me off back at The Hilton where I visited a deli before boarding the Limoliner bus. Much trouble and drama ensued because they didn't have a seat on the bus ride home for me because I was scheduled to be on the the 4:15 departure bus, NOT the 6:15 departure bus. Silly me didn't think to call the folks at Limoliner to tell them I was changing departure times. Duh!

This whole almost-not-making-it-home experience on Sunday night is well worth the read in another post, but for now let's end it here. My weekend in NY was wonderful and I'm looking forward to going back real soon. In fact, my friend Ginny and I will be visiting on December 8th so there isn't that long to wait for more adventures in the big city.

If you'd like to see photos from my weekend trip, click here.

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    Great pictures! LMAO @ the Pantone 185 red shirt!!!!!!