Oh Christmas Tree

Just a thought, but did you know if you have the right book shelf and lots of books you, too, could build your own artifical Christmas tree? What a clever holiday hack!

You know those books are just sitting there collecting dust since you put them up on the shelves. So why not put them to good use and spread a little holiday cheer in your apartment?

Frank Visser, founder of IJM, is the mastermind behind this book tree. You can get bogged down in the pictures featured on his site or you can get a taste of what he's all about by visiting Emmas Design Blog to get a quick snapshot of some of her favorites.

'Course the disorganization of these books would totally not work for me and would drive me nuts as soon as I created the tree because I require orderly spines according to book height and alphabetization. But that's just me.

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  1. That is cool. I could do that. I'm halfway there now *lol*