Thought this was a neat topographical 4' x 3' map of our world made out of the SPAM luncheon meat.

Who knew this mysterious foodstuff was so pliable and artsy? Myself...I'm just discovering the wonders of Play-Doh modeling.

Jillian at work bought a bag containing miniature tubs of brightly colored Play-Doh from the local supermarket to give out as treats during Halloween night. I snagged the color black because I had never seen it before. If you were like me as a little kid, you smashed together a whole bunch of colors because it was mesmerizing only to discover a short time later that you somehow mistakenly created some ugly brown color. Based on that little confession, black was my obvious choice.

But the really cool thing that came out of her purchase was discovering the hidden talent of my other co-worker Tim. He quickly made me a stalk of corn out of a few different colors and I nearly fell to the floor in amazement. Who knew this guy had such mad Play-Doh skills? Eventually fellow cube mates heard me squealing in delight over additional modeling and they also joined in on the fun.

As the day wore on, he made a little Nemo fish to put in Heather's plant, a beautiful worm to hang on a paperclip that I swear looked like the real thing and a gorgeous flower so intricately detailed that it included the stamin on the inside of the petals.

It got me thinking that being able to manipulate Play-Doh like that was a real art form. I went over to Flickr to find a Play-Doh group so I could keep abreast of other talented people's creations. I joined Play-Doh Maniacs although I haven't seen anything too exciting made out of Play-Doh. Plus there's only like 13 members (including me) so you can imagine there isn't a big pool of activity going on unless the other 12 people are modeling. 'Cause I'm just lurking hoping for someone to make something cool.

So getting back to the meat map-did you know MAPS spelled backyard is SPAM? Funny how manufactured meat gets me talking about manufactured clay.

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