Why I Love SkyMall

I admit to stealing the complimentary copy of SkyMall on my recent trip to the Southwest for business.

I found myself flipping through the catalog during the flight. I wanted to dog-ear just about every other page with cool stuff I wanted to buy with my disposable income.

Upon returning home, the glow of my trip slowly burned away and all the things I wanted to buy from the SkyMall catalog seemed just so extravagant when I looked at them again. I just didn't need that Cuisinart Soft Serve ice cream maker.

But then I came across this little beauty called the Dough-Nu-Matic and I had to rethink everything. You mean I could buy a little gadget that spits out little donuts and it only costs $129.99?

This gadget purports to make a cute little donut in 50 seconds and a dozen of 'em in six minutes. Somehow I think that's faster than printing a Word document using my Lexmark ink jet printer.

I have decided to rethink my aversion to Skymall after finding the donut maker. I visited their site and signed up for their mailing list...I'm seconds away from ordering the voice-activated R2-D2!

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