All I Want For Christmas

Looking to buy me a Christmas gift this year and not sure what I want? It's easy now that I've visited the site All I Want. I've completed the DNA mapping process by choosing pictures based on my personal preferences to help YOU determine what I'd like as a Christmas gift this year.

The results are uncannily accurate. Just look at my list here.

My list contains some pretty swanky stuff. In fact, I wouldn't turn you away at the door if you brought me one of these offerings as a Christmas gift. I might even put you on my Christmas card list for next year if you get my gift right. In fact, I'd praise you for your cleverness and thoughtfulness. How did you know I wanted The Mocha Dunk Mug? Did you catch me dunking Oreos in my milk during break? Gosh, you are SO observant!

The brain trust behind this gift selection tool are called Imagini and they also offer similar tools to discover your Personality and What Planet Are You On? Check it out when you have some time to spare during this busy holiday season. I think you'll like what you find.

I know I did because thanks to my new Mocha Dunk mug, I now have a place to rest my sopped-with-milk Oreo cookie. Now if I could just stop buying Christmas presents for myself and leave that up to you...

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