Hello Kitty Contacts

Look deep into these eyes. Can you see the Hello Kitty contacts this chicky is wearing? Are you completely freaked out?

What will Sanrio think up next? Hello Kitty IUD's? Sure, no one will be able to see how cute it is, but you'll know it's there.

One of my goals in the New Year is to look into getting contacts. I have suffered one too many times with fogged up glasses while walking in the parking lot to my car and I'm sick of buying those expensive eye glass wipes.

I had contacts several years back, but wasn't successful wearing them because it took me nearly 30 minutes to put them on my eyes every morning and after a short while, I realized all the time I could shave off of my morning beauty routine if I just slapped my trusty glasses back on my face.

But I've got the itch again to have the world see me in an unencumbered way without my glasses sitting crookedly on my face and I'm hoping that by the summer I'll have worked up the nerve to try contacts again.

These Hello Kitty contacts really gave me a good laugh. It also reminded me to add "Buy Contacts" onto my growing list of 2008 New Year's Resolutions.

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