Vermont Country Store

Spencer and I are taking a day trip today to visit The Vermont Country Store in Rockingham, Vermont.

We've had a few prior false starts of thinking that's what we were going to do on the weekend and then we'd get sidetracked with other things and never leave the house. Instead we'd spend hours on the computer, go out for dinner somewhere and come home for a nice lazy afternoon nap.

But today we are going for certain and I'm really looking forward to the long ride and spending time with him.

The Vermont Country Store has a very strong catalog business along with their two storefronts and it's because they sell cool stuff like this bouncy inch worm that keep customers coming back for more. I love the store because they do such a good job sourcing hard-to-find things such as 'retro' toys, perfumes, cosmetics, food and other household items. This is the place if you want to buy Body on Tap shampoo or a Smith Corona electronic typewriter. I recommend you visit the category Brands From The Past to get the full breath of their amazing product selection. Also a great online shopping experience if you're looking to WOW your grandparents this Christmas with a thoughtful gift.

Back to the Bouncy Inch Worm. I had this when I was a little girl. I remember it very clearly because I used to bounce on it in the living room watching television and would give my grandmother Rose heart palpitations because she always thought I'd fall off of the inch worm and smack my head on the brick fireplace like I did riding this stuffed pony back when I was just a toddler. (Once you split your head open-just a little bit-the accident tends to forever haunt you around the grandparents).

Last year I bought a silver tinsel tree along with the color wheel. I love the tree, but had to return the color wheel because it just didn't throw the promised spectrum of lights to my satisfaction. I bought my co-worker Sue a wind-up women's watch, but the packaging was so chinsy that I returned it. I figure if you pay$49.95 for a watch, it ought not to come on a cardboard piece of paper shrink wrapped from China. And that's the overall thing to keep in mind when buying from The Vt Country Store. Sometimes it's not about the prettiness of the package, but the product itself. They have great customer service and stand behind their return policy.

We've been tasked today by my mother-in-law to buy her a Powerball ticket and to pick up a few things if we see them. I'm looking forward to walking around the store seeing things from my past for sale and trying not to justify buying every single one of them for myself. After all, it is Christmas and I should be shopping for someone other than me.

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  1. Dear Customer,

    "Thank you for your generous comments about The Vermont Country Store. We always enjoy hearing from our customers and hope you will visit again soon."

    Laura Dunham
    Customer Service Manager
    The Vermont Country Store

  2. Anonymous7:23 PM

    I'd pay a LOT of money to travel back in time to see Kim riding the Bouncy Inch Worm as a kid. You think she's a smiley fun gal, now, imagine the bliss on that kid's face! I'd pay even MORE to see Shakira riding one present-day!