Back On The Chuck Wagon

I've been a faithful viewer of the tv show CHUCK since the pilot back in September of 2007. I was super excited to see Zachary Levi (of the now cancelled Less Than Perfect fame) star in his own show whose taglines are as follows:
  • Computer Geek by day. Government operative by night.
  • He's the secret. She's the agent.
  • Saving the $11/hour. (my personal favorite!)
Chuck is your typical computer geek who works at Buy More (a delicious knock off of the well known big box retailer Best Buy) who accidentally downloads critical government secrets into his brain . Two CIA agents, Sarah Walker and John Casey, get assigned to Chuck to keep him safe while working to keep him out of the hands of the enemy. Thus Chuck's cover by day is a supervisor at Buy More and by night he's super secret bumbling keeper of government secrets.

However, I had to stop taping the show after seven episodes because the writing was just so weak. I wanted to love the show. But the action sequences were lame and I felt that the show was wasting a really interesting concept and I couldn't bare to watch it anymore. So I stopped taping it.

But then I heard that the next episode that I didn't tape featured Kevin Weisman (infamous for his portrayal of Marshall Flinkman from the tv show Alias) and more importantly, Chuck and Sarah's relationship developed to the smoochy level. What is it with me and sexual tension among goverment agents? Mulder...Scully...Mulder...Scully.

I decided to set the DVR again to record Chuck and that's when I jumped back on the chuckwagon. Strangely the show started to get better. The storylines began to focus more on character development and less on over-the-top unrealistic action sequences. I got hooked and then the writers went on strike. Now I'm desperate like the rest of America for new content because I need my Morgan fix.

I didn't tell you about one of the best characters on Chuck. His name is Morgan Grimes. He is Chuck's best friend and has no idea about the secret life Chuck is leading. He pals around with him at work and lusts over Chuck's sister Ellie after hours, but he has some of the funniest scenes in the show.

Here's an except from episode 13 Chuck vs. the Marlin:

Morgan: "I heard you got a pre-release demo of the Call of Duty game."
Chuck: "Ahh! Yea, but the last time I lent you that game sampler it ended up all over the internet. So this one is going to stay in my locker and you can play it when you get some adult supervision."
Morgan: "Adult supervision? I'm almost at the age where I should get my prostate checked annually. Surely I can be trusted with the advanced copy of the next greatest video game on the PLANET."

And let's not forget about the amazing Adam Baldwin playing the tough-as-nails CIA agent John Casey. I loved him on Firefly and he's doing a great job here. I love that his cover is as a Buy More retail associate while watching over and protecting Chuck.

If you haven't seen Chuck yet, might I suggest you give it a try on Monday nights? You might have to wait a while because of the writer's strike, but you just might find it's worth it...just like I did all over again.

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