Welcome Back, Old Friend

I have undertaken the self-assigned mammoth task of watching all nine seasons of my favorite television show of all time - The X-Files - in preparation for the sequel to the yet untitled X-Files movie slated for release on July 25th, 2008.

Spencer surprised me with Season 8 and 9 over the weekend so now I own the complete series. I stopped collecting the DVD sets after Season 7 when David Duchovny didn’t want to play Fox Mulder anymore and Chris Carter decided to push ahead by introducing two new characters – Agent Doggett (Robert Patrick) and Agent Reyes (Annabeth Gish) hoping to keep the franchise alive. Sadly for me, my obsession waned due to what I perceived as weak writing and teaser storylines concerning Mulder and Scully’s developing relationship.

I always expected re-watching every single X-Files episode in sequential order would constitute that moment in my life when something amazingly tragic happened that allowed me to gain the ability to melt into the couch for an entire week stuffing myself with sour skittles and Ramen noodles trying to pull myself up from a deep sudden and unexpected depression with the help of Mulder and Scully. That being said, I’ve weathered all sorts of personal tragedies over the years and not once did I have to pull out my “Plan A” or “Plan B” survival tactics over any of them.

This Saturday afternoon found me cracking open Season One and by Sunday night at 11pm, I had polished off watching sixteen episodes. Translated this means I spent 12 hours (45 minutes per episode x 16 = 720 divided by 45 minutes each) of my past weekend watching The X-Files and I can’t wait to watch episode 17. I managed to sandwich in a second viewing of another favorite movie-Little Miss Sunshine-but pretty much my entire weekend was dedicated to aliens, burgeoning government conspiracies and things that grow long hair and fangs in the night.

Spencer came along for the ride occasionally firing up the Mac book to surf the web while watching all sixteen episodes. Minnie snuggled up warmly next to me for a good amount of the weekend knowing she was in her best strategic position for catching left over scraps of my snacking.

I couldn’t be happier with my decision to spend my leisure time watching all nine seasons. I’m at the point in Season One where it’s just starting to get good. The writing is almost past notions of Fox Mulder being considered ‘Spooky’ and just about to get really good because Scully is about to be abducted.

I can’t wait !

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