Win Could Be A Loss?

I found this article recently published in the MetroWest Daily News interesting.

It talks about Uno's recent win as Top Dog at the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show saying there is a fear from The Beagle Rescue Foundation of America that people might start buying Beagles as a result of all this attention and then give them away because they are quite a stubborn breed who follows a scent to it's end and love to bay (aka HOWL). They don't want the Beagle to end up as the next Dalmation circa '101 Dalmations' courtesty of Disney.
In particular the Sterling Animal Shelter-where we adopted our beloved Beagle Minnie-is quoted saying:

The Sterling shelter gets a steady supply of beagles and hounds from shelters in Tennessee, Virginia and the Gulf Coast, where the dogs are more likely to be used to hunt. "When they're no longer doing their job, the owners just turn them loose," said Grady, and the Southern dogs end up in the Northeast, where spaying and neutering is common and the puppy population is smaller.

All I can hope is that the Beagle breed is considered such a common household pet that there won't be a negative impact to increased interest due to Uno's win. Indeed from my perspective, Uno's win should be just a seasonal spike. Sorry-Supply Chain is my life these days.

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