Love Is In The Air

Happy V Day everyone.

Today at work my friend Sharon asked us all what we got our husband's for Valentine's Day. Everyone mentioned something...except me. If you knew my husband, you'd understand that he doesn't really want me to get him gifts. He's just not into it. But boy is he thougtful, loving and just plain wonderful.

I had this grand idea that this year I would surprise him with an amazing Valentine's Day card in which I would put a sheet of paper detailing all of the wonderful things he has done for me since the start of the new year. I suppose it was my way of showing him that I take notice of everything he does even though I always remember to say Thank You when I see him doing something nice for me or for us.

Sadly, this is as far as I got:

  • January 3rd: Bought me an envelope so I could mail my Western Civ text book for a sale I made yesterday. Took Minnie on a walk in -8 degree temps.
  • January 6th: gets Sunday morning paper out of the mailbox every week so I can read it with my morning breakfast.

Again, good intentions that I never followed through on. So now I have to leave the rest up to memory-here goes:

  • Takes Minnie out to pee in the middle of the night so I can sleep
  • Always stays on top of the milk inventory so we never run out.
  • Warms up the Mazda 3 every morning and cleans it off during snow storms
  • Shovels the driveway
  • Surprises me with little treats like limited-edition Twix and Snicker bars
  • Buys me the latest CD release on Tuesday at Target
  • Makes the bed every single day
  • If I get a cold, he makes sure I have every over-the-counter medicine necessary to get me through tough times
  • Watches The X-Files with me
  • Listens to me when I rant and cry and always makes me feel 100% better
  • Bought me the Rayman Wii video game in spite of his accurate prediction that it would remain unopened because "I just didn't get around to it."
  • Does the laundy, loads/empties the dishwasher and vacuums
  • Always gets me the latest edition of People Magazine from the Holden library

I simply could go on and on.

On Valentine's Day, it's only right that I take a moment to say that loving Spencer and being his wife is the absolute best part of my life. I know I'm insanely lucky and fortunate to have fallen madly deeply in love at the age of sixteen.

I hope you're as blessed as me on this Valentine's Day.

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  1. And yet, a picture of Justin Timberlake adorns the blog entry...that should tell you something... :)

  2. There's only one way you'd know...oh...