Not So Happy

Two of our favorite local businesses - Happy Cleaners and AJ's Pizzaria of West Boylston, burnt to a crisp this past week.

My mother-in-law called me bright and early to let us know about the fire warning us to "Save Your Receipts." Spencer did have some shirts and a pair of pants at the dry cleaner's to pick-up, but that won't be happening anytime soon.

Of course I'm more upset about the pizza place. AJ's was a great local pizza stop and we've enjoyed many an extra-cheese, onion and pepperoni pizzas from them.

I actually received a call from Happy Cleaners thanking me for my patience and letting me know that their insurance company would be calling us soon with details. I feel bad for this woman. Imagine all the phone calls she's had to field from customer's wondering what happened to their stuff. I'm sure women had clothing stored there during the winter or perhaps wedding gowns being dry cleaned that might have sustained smoke damage or worse.

But still...all I can think about is that missing pizza.

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  1. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Did West Boylston Street smell like a big ol' pizza? YUM! The whole place turned into a pizza oven! Yowza!

  2. Are you one of the Coney Island Anonymouses? Did we go to Generic High School together?