The Shaved Bumblebee by Till Nowak

I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this digital image created by the artist Till Nowak. I discovered the image from the Neatorama RSS feed that I follow religiously on Bloglines.

As I was looking at other images Till designed, I came across his version of the cinematic monster ALIEN made out of vegetables. OMG-I loved that one, too. I totally forgot how much and then recalled I blogged about it in August of last year. Who knew?

Spencer simply raised his eyebrows at me when he saw this digital photo of the shaved bumblebee. I don't want to put words in his mouth, but he said something to the effect of "What the hell is that?" which is basically the typical reaction I get whenever anyone happens upon my desktop at work. They don't tell me it's interesting nor do I get to engage them in a quick chat about how in the world someone would ever dream up such an image. Instead I think they're probably thinking, "That bumblebee's got a BIG 'ole naked butt."

Isn't there a notion that to understand art it has to speak to you? Well, maybe I'm paraphrasing the statement, but that's how I feel about this elephant-snooted bumble bee. It reminds me of what froo-froo poodles must think when they come out of the groomer doning less fur then they arrived with or what fluffy white sheep must imagine about themselves when trying to understand that sudden breezy feeling once the sheep shearer is done.

Photo description courtesy of digital artist Till Nowak

This image is telling about the bumblebee Bernard who wanted to impress his friends with an experiment. It was one of these boring days and they were as usual looking for some nonsense to get involved in and succeeded in switching on an electric shaver. And Bernard, for the first time in his life, completely freed himself from his beautiful yellow and black fur. But then, under the shouting and cheering of his mischievous friends, he watched in the mirror and had to recognize that the result didn`t please him as much as he expected. But hey, it will grow again….

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