I Want Only What I Want

What is it lately with all the questions when I'm buying stuff in stores? We went to Yankee Candle yesterday and ended up buying 12 candles and a gel air freshener for my car and the sales clerk asked as we were cashing out, "Did you need any votive candle holders today?"

I am so entirely sick of cashiers and sales clerks trying to super size my purchase with complimentary products. No, I don't need candle holders. In fact, I just got raped spending $4.99 for a gel air freshener that I had no idea cost so much, but it's too late now because I've already handed you the credit card and I don't want to make a scene over five bucks.

I go to see a movie and spend nearly ten dollars for the price of admission and another $5.75 for a small buttered popcorn and I'm asked 100% of the time if I want to go the next size up for a mere twenty-five cents?

Another phrase I hear all too often is, "Did you find everything you were looking for today?" Of course I did or else I would have found you to ask if you had it. Duh!

We're supposed to be in a recession and lately it feels like whatever I'm buying in any store is simply never enough. Stop with the questions and concern over my purchase. I want only what I want and nothing more. If I had wanted it, I would have bought it.

It's no wonder people are up to their necks in credit card debt. Retail stores have that uncanny ability to make you feel like you need and want more and it's up to you to say no. Remember that you're the one who is going to be stuck paying the bill. I learned that yesterday after spending nearly $25 on candles and an air freshener.

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