In Synch

I use an online organization tool called Airset to manage my life. It's a fantastic way to keep all the things going on in my life portable and available on the the web for easy access.

They also offer a desktop synch application that I downloaded on my work computer with the intention of adding my work calendar to my other two calendars that I review on a daily basis. My 'Personal' Calendar has stuff such as reminders to DVR the season premiere of Battlestar Galactica or Marky Mark's birthday. I also have a 'Perry Family' calendar that holds important dates related to things such as Katie's graduation from BC Law in May or my mother-in-law's birthday.

So today before I left work, I took a quick glance at my work calendar for next week trying to gauge how much time was going to spent in meetings since Monday kicks off a new fiscal year (Yay FY09) and a new fiscal month (Ditto April). I happened to see one calendar entry that looked kind of odd. It was a meeting called, "Fatal Forecast Due". I didn't think much of it other than it was a weird way for Jillian to call a meeting, but since my company is kicking off their first official S&OP meeting...I just figured it was her trying to be funny.

Tonight as I was preparing a little after-dinner snack, I happened to overhear Spencer talking to his sister Katie and the phrase "Fatal Forecast" came up. I stopped scooping up the Cool Whip and realized that the calendar entry "Fatal Forecast Due" simply was a reminder that he needed to return the book he borrowed from the library for his mom which just so happened to be called "Fatal Forecast". I started laughing and told them about my mix-up.

Me: I thought the meeting was weird, but I just figured it had to do with something going on next week.

Katie: Things must be going really well at work if you thought that was the name of the meeting.

You had to be there.

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