Freakin' Geek

Here at work we have a community bulletin board where folks can post things to sell or ask advice, etc.

This morning the following was posted for sale:

See photos. Hand made coffee mug with corset (?) design on one side and poorly drawn snowman (?) on the other. Best offer.

Moments later someone posted a response:

It's not a's the chemical structure for caffeine!

So I looked up the person who posted the reply and determined he worked as a Design Compliance Engineer to which one of my sardonic co-workers replied, "Freakin' Geek!"

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  1. I know! You'd have to be a total geek to figure the symbolism out there. Coffee mug...molecule...what could it be? Hmmmmm...

  2. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Well, if had been the molecular structure of SUGAR, I think we all know who would have SNATCHED it up like a hungry crack whore!