Good Stuff in the Middle

I love Starburst candy almost as much as I love Skittles.

You'd probably think it's because the outer wrapper is bright yellow which is my favorite color. But really it's because I love the process of eating Starbursts. I truly appreciate that each fruity flavor has its own color-matching wrapper. Every flavor gets equal representation. Since Strawberry (Red) is my favorite flavor, I play a little game with myself as soon as I tear open the package. I dump out all the individually-wrapped squares and separate them by flavor saving Strawberry for last. I guess I consciously do this because by the time I finish enjoying their chewy goodness-the red ones will be there as the final savory prize. Somehow it sounds really OCD telling you about it, but to my mind it's just a way of prolonging the pleasure of eating the candy.

You can only imagine my excitement when I discovered Starburst GummiBursts are coming to town! I first read about it on the very reliable CandyAddict blog which is my primary source of all things sweet and tasty. (This, of course, doesn't count those rare personal yet spastic moments of excitement when I find a new candy in a store that I haven't read about first online. )

I think GummiBursts are supposed to be like eating Gummy Bears if the bear's tummy was full of honey. No matter. I just can't wait to try them.

What's even more exciting is CandyBlog reports that GummiBursts are Gluten-Free. Too bad my friend Jillian who painfully suffers a Celiac food allergy won't be as excited about them being Gluten-Free because she's more of a chocoholic. Still... Celiac is Whack and I'm always on the look out for things she can eat. Good thing I don't know any Vegans because CandyBlog reports that the gelatin contained in the candy is of "...indeterminate origin." Dare I wonder if horse hooves were involved?

I'm really looking forward to finding these GummiBursts because I'll be able to buy two bags and display them proudly in my overflowing candy dish at work. I will take great pleasure at my visitor's surprise when they pop one of them in their mouth. "Ooo," they'll say. "That's different. I wasn't expecting that!" and then POW--I'll lay out another surprise: Hubba Bubba GLOP

I bought some for my co-worker Sue and the first thing she said was how much her daughter is going to love it. The packaging is a little odd and the shape of the gum is sort of egg-like. Once you bite into the outer hard candy shell your tongue is assaulted with a gel-like substance that you'd think would maintain its flavor while you chew the gum, but sadly does not. Still... new gum means new fun in my book.

Lately there's been a real resurgence of liquid-filled candy. Just a few months ago, I experienced the nostalgic treat of discovering Freshen Up gum for sale in a lonely gas station up in Vermont. I noticed they had Freshen Up in cinnamon so I instantly wiped out their entire inventory for the tidy price of fifty seven cents per package. Upon trying it, another co-worker of mine remarked that the gum had probably been sitting on their shelves for a few years because it tasted stale. Hmmm. Imagine the irony of Freshen Up gum not being so fresh?

Regardless, I'm always on the hunt for new and and limited-edition candy. Most of the time these new concoctions are tremendously satisfying and rarely disappoint. Be it the chase for the next new flavor or texture, it's really the promise of what comes next to satisfy the cravings of my sweet tooth. My love of candy is a self-imposed spiral of gluttony that only me and my dentist Dr. Scanlon can fully appreciate.

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  1. Anonymous7:35 PM

    Your dentist must love you. Do you need a lot of cavities filled each year? That cinnamon Freshen Up was probably at that gas station since the first episode of CHiPs. We're lucky you're not as crazy about crushed tomatoes as you are candy. You'd have botulism by now!