I'll Get Right To The Point

From Victoria Mason's site:

I used to try to save perfect pencil shavings. They looked so beautiful, especially if I'd sharpened a couple of different colours. But they'd never keep. I'd try to keep them whole for as long as I could but they never lasted for very long. Now I can make ones that do keep. And you can even wear them around your neck.

When I saw this pencil shaving necklace, I just about yelped. There is actually someone on this earth (besides me, of course) that actually appreciates a perfectly intact pencil shaving.

I was trying to remember when I started loving pencil shavings and I guess I'd have to travel all the way back to elementary school. Maybe it was first or second grade...but I distinctly remember that the only time I was allowed to leave my desk was if I needed to go sharpen my pencil.

You remember the kind I'm talking about, don't you? The mechanical pencil sharpener that was mounted on the wall and had a silver canister to contain the shavings and you had to really crank that sucker to get a fine point? God, I loved sharpening my pencils back then. It was the only time in grade school when it seemed like I was in control of doing something on my own without the permission of the teacher. I could just get up, walk to the back of the classroom and sharpen my pencil. As I cranked the handle, I could stare out the window to see if anything interesting was going on outside and I have to admit that the noise I made sharpening those pencils was secretly thrilling.

But then for some mysterious reason we stopped using the wall mounted pencil sharpener and everyone had to bring their own little plastic one as part of the Back-To-School supplies. I kept my red sharpener in a pencil pouch and managed not to lose it for the entire school year.

My mom didn't appreciate it when I used her eyeliner pencil sharpener on my Number 2 Ticondergoda graphite pencils. She didn't find it funny when I'd proudly show her the results of a little game I'd play with myself to see how many turns I could execute without breaking a pencil shaving. (It's not exactly a skill you'd list on your college application, but back then I had creative talent. I also suffered from being an only child so it was up to me to make my own fun whenever possible. ) I'd later torment my mother at the dinner table because I loved to peel the labels off of jars in one steady pull without ripping the label. It was all about the positioning of the glue and where I started the first pull...but I digress.

Confessing this now makes me feel like a complete freak, but knowing that only makes me love Victoria Mason's pencil shaving necklace all the more. She gets me.

It's the rest of the world I'm worried about.

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  1. Anonymous10:54 AM


    Although I always liked a good pencil shaving I was always a little more excited with a perfect apple or orange peel (complete).

    :) Michelle