Thanks For Your Dough

It's not often that you're lucky enough to be around someone who inspires you to do good things in your life. I'm fortunate to work alongside Heather Andrews who leads by example as a fellow dog lover.

I met Heather nearly three years ago when I joined Bose Corporation and I'll always remember sitting down in the cafeteria in a "Get To Know You" meeting and listening to her explain her personal goal of becoming a dog trainer after watching Cesar Millan's Dog Whisperer Show.

As time passed, I watched Heather lead by example. She took evening courses and volunteered at the Baypath Humane Society. (In fact, I even visited there myself a few times during lunch to walk some of the shelter dogs. I paled in comparison to Heather's skill at handling the dogs, but recognized that dogs were her absolute passion and I couldn't beat myself up because she was so good working with them.)

Heather ended up adopting her third dog Max from the shelter when he was just a puppy. (He's the Big Galoot sitting on the right of the picture above). I remember going there with her and Cindy to see him before the final adoption and thinking to myself that you had to be a special kind of person to handle the dog Max would later become. Aside from his cuteness and goofy personality, one could see that he'd become boisterous and perhaps a little too hard to handle in the hands of the wrong owner. To no one's surprise, Max became part of Heather's pack very quickly.

Heather has donated Bose products in raffles to support the shelter and even went out of her way to gather donations for the shelter such as food, toys and blankets from her co-workers. That means she had to lug bags of "stuff" from the fourth floor of our building all the way down to her truck whenever someone brought a donation. That's a lot of work for one small woman.

Heather even saved a beautiful neighborhood dog named Bruce whose owner didn't have the time to properly care for him. She walked the delicate path of intervening on behalf of Bruce with his current owner and eventually found a new home for him. I don't know many people who could genuinely do something so bold. Imagine finding a determined woman on your doorstep trying to talk you into giving up your dog so he could have a more fulfilled life!

My purpose in telling you these little tidbits about Heather is that I'd love to hit you up for some dough. Won't you consider making a donation to help sponsor Heather in Baypath's 8 Annual Dog Walk at Hopkinton State Park on June 1st? Your generous donation will be put towards a no-kill shelter's operating and animal care costs.

Visit here to make your donation.

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