Five Foot Two...How Tall Are You?

There is this painted beige poll in the middle of the aisle that separates two rows of co-worker cubicles. Sometime last year each of us in the group stood up against the pole and made a discrete pencil mark on it that documented our height along with our initials. Dan was the tallest and Sharon was the shortest. I believe I came in second place as the shortest person working in the group.

Having come across this really interesting website called Who Tall Are You, I am now able to purchase a height chart to compare my height to famous people. For example, my stature probably would equate to Mary Lou Retton or hopefully 'Lil Kim Jones (get it? Little Kim?). The tallest celebrity on the chart is Peter the Great, but who knew that David Hasseloff is just a step below the great Michael Jordan? Dan, the tallest person in our group, probably would want to align himself to John Cleese since he has the sharp wit and can do a silly walk.

I think this concept of measuring your height against well-known people is sort of like reading the horoscope on the day of your birthday and being secretly delighted to share your birthday with someone famous. (Did you know that Julia Louis-Dreyfus and that cheeky Orlando Bloom celebrate their birthdays on the same day as me? How cool is that?)

You can also purchase other charts Classical, Yellow, Notorious, White and Age each depicting a different way of looking at your height. These charts are sold in the U.K. and can be seen in various exhibits, but you'll have to either buy one online or take a trip over the pond to get your very own.

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  1. I want the Ron Jeremy chart instead! :)

  2. This would be great to measure my mother's height. As you know, my father says eventually she will be short enough so that when she starts yelling, we can drop her in a glass of water.