I Didn't Know

I think everyone in the world knows by now that Mariah Carey got married to Nick Cannon. Where the hell was I when all this major entertainment news was going down? Yea, I heard all about Beyonce and Hova getting hitched, but Nick 'Drumline' Cannon landing Mariah was something I didn't see coming.

Granted I've been a little behind on my emails, but I missed Mimi getting hitched? No wonder MTV was playing that stupid 'Touch My Body' video over and over again when I surfing the channels on Friday morning.
I take great pride in knowing all the good gossip when it comes to Entertainers. I know it's a grown woman's porn, but it's important for me to know release dates of favored performers be it a new book, TV, Movie or CD premiere.

I'm disappointed in myself and I can't let this happen again. So if you hear something major like who's John Mayer just broke up with or that Ashley Simpson really is preggers, will ya let me know? Thanks.

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