i'm Hatin' it

Talk about product placement! I was flipping through a Lane Bryant catalog from today's mail when a little card slid out between the pages and fell to the bathroom floor. (Yes, I do most of my mail reading on the toilet)

I immediately think of my friend Karen whenever these little subscription cards fall out of any magazine I'm reading because she SO hates the loose cards. I have fond memories from high school of her sitting in her living room on the couch tearing out all the perforated ads in the TV Guide before she could comfortably settle down to read the weekly recap for Santa Barbara (one of her favorite Soaps) or get a sneak peak about the featured performer on Solid Gold.

Over time I've developed a similar distaste for all those extra cards because they almost inevitably fall to the floor and I have to stoop down to collect them to throw away. It wouldn't be so bad except the card stock of these printed advertisements is so heavy that as they fall they gain momentum and can very easily fly across the bathroom floor and slip underneath the closet door or get wedged in other weird places like behind the toilet bowl.

Since the mid-80's marketers have somehow figured out how to artfully insert these post-card size advertisements between the pages without having to actually attach the advertisements to the seam of the magazine. Often I find they just sit nestled between random pages and a simple shake of the magazine over the waste paper basket usually gets them all out in a speedy fashion.

However my Lane Bryant catalog had a bi-folded advertisement that fell to the floor today and I couldn't believe my eyes when I bent down to pick it up. The advertisement was actually a McDonald's coupon for a Free Southern Style Chicken Sandwich! In a Lane Bryant catalog. A clothing catalog for Plus Size Women.

This bears repeating. Lane Bryant Plus Size Clothing Catalog + Free McDonald's Southern Style Chicken Sandwich. And it gets better! Not only was it a coupon for a free sandwich, but remember I said it was a bi-folded advertisement. The other fold was another coupon for a free Southern Style Chicken Biscuit sandwich! Not one, but two free calorie-laden delights.

Way to go McDonald's! Excellent product placement with Lane Bryant. What's next? A coupon on the back of my Fashion Bug receipt for a free Quarter Pounder with Cheese with every purchase of size 10 cotton briefs?

Lots of people seem to be bothered by Google having ads targeted to a user's browsing habits when using their search engine. This guerrilla-type marketing by McDonald's has become much more insidious because it's targeting plus size girls where it hurts - right in our big 'ole guts. If these coupons start getting redeemed then I shudder to think what will come next-a coupon for a free Big Mac with every OneTouch Glucose Meter purchase?

I have a message for Morgan Spurlock:

Morgan, forget about your hunt for Bin Laden. Greater tactical minds within our National Security have got the War on Terror covered. Plus Size women of America need you to refocus your efforts on bringing down the red-haired clown. Super Size Me wasn't enough. We need you to go after the minds in corporate brand strategy and direct marketing.

You have 30 Days.

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  1. Anonymous10:26 AM

    That's not just good for McDonalds, but LB as well! Cuz - let's face it - if you get thinner they lose customers.

    "Here...have a free chicken sandwich! And another...and another..."

  2. got to have my beef