Lord of the Ring

I'm not one to delve into such personal matters as love, but having come across such a technological advancement in safe sex...I'd be remiss if I didn't write about the Trojan Vibrating Ring (new & improved-Hell Yea!) available for purchase here.

For a mere $20, you can buy a 3-pack of these vibrating rings. Each condom comes with a ring that can be slipped over the penis for instant sensational vibrations to be enjoyed by both partners. Strangely, the Extra Intense version retails for $18 for a 3-pack. Why the dip in price when you're practically doubling one's pleasure?

A plain old latex condom just isn't good enough these days where we live in a world of "New & Improved" everything and iPods have vibrator attachments courtesy of OhMiBod.

Apparently Trojan figured out that their customers deserve all the bells and whistles available when it comes to choosing their brand over Durex or Lifestyles, etc.

I'm just curious about a few things - how do they make the ring vibrate and for how long? After doing a little research, I discovered that the ring lasts for up to 20 minutes and vibrates courtesy of a tiny well-placed battery held within the soft rubber casing of the ring. So if you're a One Minute Man, don't worry - you've got plenty of time. The question remains: will your partner love you for your intimate performance enhancement or for spending the extra bucks to have the latest in condom couture?

I hear the vatican is promoting that "...Good Catholics Use Condoms." But with the arrival of the Trojan Vibrating Ring, they might want to reconsider their donations to the Bishop's Fund.

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