My Pee Pee Bottle™

This is just so wrong on many levels or it's just so right - you be the judge.

This lady invented My Pee Pee Bottle for her daughter after she contracted Rotavirus using a public toilet.

From the Pee Pee Bottle website: February 2007, our then two-year old daughter, Sofia, contracted Rotavirus. Though she recovered within a couple of weeks, I was panicked. I became extremely fearful of all toilets and wanted to make sure Sofia had limited exposure to public restrooms. I was particularly mindful of continued good hygiene and simultaneously desired a simpler, cleaner, and more-efficient way for Sofia to use the potty when we were out.

I imagine using this bottle in place of sitting on a public toilet, but how long is the kid going to be able to use this? Eventually she is going to have to grow up and use the toilet like the rest of civilization. Imagine her at 35 years old using the Pee Pee Bottle-carrying it around in her Louis Vuitton handbag!

How is this any different than a guy pissing into a bottle and throwing it out the window of his car as he's blazing down a state highway at 80 miles an hour?

Hats off to this lady who took something that people do in aheightened state of urine emergency and making a buck off of it.

I wish I would have thought of it.

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