Why I Love Etsy

If I could go turn back the calendar to 1988 and relive my senior prom, I would want to have this Hello Kitty gown recently featured on the popular crafting site Etsy. The crafter Burpnbibs will make this gown for you for a mere four grand. It's beautiful.

I love Etsy because I find the most interesting things there. Etsy is the online marketplace for crafters who want to sell the stuff they make. I recently purchased a print called 'How Would You Eat Pez?' and I can't wait to get it framed and hang it in my office.

If you are someone who can make things that people might want to buy, I highly recommend setting up shop at Etsy. There are people out there like me who would pay $4k for a Hello Kitty gown.

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  1. If you have "$4k" Kim, I could use a loan to buy some gas for my 1989 Oldsmobile!