Bottle of Wine, Fruit of the Vine

I have to thank my recently graduated from BC Law sister-in-law Katie for turning me on to a wine all the way from Israel's Samson region. She and her mom went to a wine tasting in Shrewsbury a few weeks ago and Carmel Young Moscato 2007 was one of their featured spirits.

I tried a glass last Saturday during her graduation party and I couldn't believe I liked it so much after just one small sip. It's a sparkling white wine that is very sweet-tasting and delicious.

The following day, she ended up bringing over a bottle that had probably just enough to fill a small glass and I greedily gulped it down hoping for more and being disappointed that there wasn't a refill.

We had a little time to kill this morning while Minnie was at the groomer so we took a trip to Renaissance Wine and Spirits of Shrewsbury since this was the store that had introduced Katie and my mother-in-law to this wine via a Wine Tasting event the week before.

The first thing I noticed upon entering the store was the level of organization in the aisles. Signs hung from the ceiling above the aisles to help customers head in the right direction if they were looking for Wine, Vodka, Rum, Beer, etc. Even better, their wine section featured sub-categories of Wines from different countries. I looked around for a bit and then found the bottles on one of the end-caps. Katie said the bottle cost about $10, so I ended up buying 3 bottles. (Yes, this is how I'm changing my driving habits-I have resorted to buying wine in bulk to save at the pump)

I was carded at the register by a very nice woman who took my driver's license and scanned it to verify I could handle 3 bottles of wine. As she handed it back to me, she said (almost to herself) 'huh' and began to ring up my purchase. She flattered me by saying that I didn't look my age and that I had such pretty skin. As you know, I suck a small talk so I think I said something about how I try to stay out of the sun. Yes, nice lady. I stay hidden in my bedroom getting drunk on wine and only come outside when my reserves get low.

Seriously though, she was very nice and I explained how excited I was to find the very wine my sister-in-law discovered during a recent wine tasting. The woman said this particular type of wine was "...their little secret." I think what she was implying is that I made a lovely choice and she approved of my three bottle purchase. It's good to know they do special orders. Should the need arise that requires a case of this deliciously sweet wine, I could have them order it for me.

Renaissance Wine's website is surprisingly rich with content. Aside from the usual, they have a very comprehensive FAQ section that gives a wealth of information about Beer, Spirits and Wine. I also liked that I could purchase a gift card online and have it sent to me via certified mail. I've since signed up for their newsletter so I can be informed of tfuture wine-tasting events. In fact, I like this store so much that I'll buy all my alcohol from them instead of Austin Liquors because of their easy aisle navigation and super friendly employees.

I think I'm on to something here. I feel so very adult. I have 3 lovely bottles of wine in my kitchen ready to be consumed when I have one of those days that needs fixing right quick. Maybe I should just open the first bottle to take a little sippy.

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  1. Anonymous7:20 PM

    I always knew there was a wino in you just screaming to get out. :::hic:::