Entertainment Tonight

I love all things relating to celebrity entertainment. I'm a junkie for the latest scoop of gossip and I prize myself on being very knowledgeable about who did what to whom and what they thought about it. It's fun and I never know what's going to happen to my celebrities each day. Which brings me Entertainment Tonight. I never watch it...until now.

My friend Heather text-messaged me to tell me Justin Timberlake was going to be on Entertainment Tonight. Fortunately I received the message in time and was able to DVR the episode. But upon watching it, it occurred to me that I should be taping Entertainment Tonight every day. Not only were they doing a retrospective on JT's career, but they were having a 'Mama Mia!' extravaganza all week long. How did I miss that Meryl Streep was staring in the movie version of this hit musical? Even better, Colin Firth (Mr. Darcy in the wet shirt from Pride & Prejudice) was also staring as one of her three lovers who might be the father of her daughter who is on the Greek aisles about to get married. Mama Mia!

Now I compliment my need of knowing the latest Entertainment news by regularly recording Entertainment Tonight. But here's the really funny thing. I kinda watch the show hoping to see entertainers who have had plastic surgery. They carry themselves like they are the most beautiful people in the world, yet their faces seem all unnaturally distorted. I love those inflated lips and the stretched up puffy faces slathered in cosmetics. Just this past week they had a feature on Loni Anderson's recent marriage and I couldn't believe her face! Or Priscilla Presley...what the heck happened there? Gawd, they all look so terrible. I was shocked to see Mary Hart is still going strong and yes, I believe she's had some work done, too.

Entertainment Tonight is my new guilty pleasure.

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