Jenny Craig - Day 5

I joined Jenny Craig last Tuesday, June 17th after finally giving up my battle of trying to lose weight on my own. I threw my hands up in frustration and gave myself over to a higher power known as an expensive commercial weight loss program.

I signed up for a year membership because I have that much weight to lose. The counselor wisely didn't offer me any package deals like, "6 weeks for $36 plus the cost of food." It didn't even come up. I'm in this for the long haul and I've invested a huge chunk of my hard earned money to get healthy with this weight loss program.

After my introduction session, I was given a weekly calendar that has all my meals planned out for me. I bought the Jenny Craig food which took up three plastic bags and would be everything I'd be eating in the week ahead. The only extra stuff I would have to buy is milk, yogurt, fruits and vegetables.

After I returned home and put all my packages away, I was so pumped up that I wanted to send a mass email out to everyone letting them know I took the plunge and joined Jenny Craig. I was going to ask for their support in the coming weeks because I would have to decline going out to dinner for a while until I got used to the program. I wanted everyone to know what I had done for myself to keep me motivated and involved in the long road ahead. I even considered starting up another blog to keep track of my weight loss struggles, but eventually decided to just use this blog to fold in any topics I wanted to discuss while I'm on the program.

Today is Day 5. I've done an excellent job of sticking to the menu. The only thing I have no idea about is this meal called a Souptizer which is on my menu every day. I'll ask my counsellor about it in my first meeting this upcoming Tuesday.

You're probably wondering about the cost of the food. They estimate it will cost approx. $70 a week. It frightens me that the food is so expensive, but in one respect it's the bottom line of how much I'm spending on the programs that prevents me even thinking about failure. I have no doubt in my mind that I will reach my weight loss goal in a year. (Jenny Craig also will refund me half of my membership fee if I reach my goal weight in a year. That would be $215 back since a year's membership was approx. $430)

The food is actually pretty tasty. I'm not kidding. I had a fish and chips frozen dinner tonight that looked disgusting on the box. After heating it up in the microwave, I was pleasantly surprised that it tasted so good. Granted the portions are so tiny compared to what I think a dinner should be, but I'll come to understand that it's all about portion control and eating healthy.

I had to go grocery shopping tonight because I needed to buy a jar of peanut butter, fruits, veggies and some low fat yogurt for the week ahead. Shopping is so much quicker now because I don't find myself wandering up and down the aisles looking for tasty treats. Now I've got a purpose. Get in and Get out.

I've only been on the program for five days, but already I'm feeling healthier. My body hasn't had candy for five days. I've had a few headaches which I'm attributing either to early stage PMS or my body adjusting to not having a constant influx of sugar.

My next appointment is when I get my measurements and my step on the scale to see if I've lost any weight since last week. I'm not worried at all because I know this time I've followed the diet to the letter-no deviations whatsoever.

Going forward, I'll occasionally blog about my progress or experiences being on Jenny Craig. I hope you'll join me in cheering me on to a healthier me.

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  1. Anonymous7:52 PM

    YEA YOU!!!!

  2. Anonymous12:18 PM

    Ummmm, since you're on this diet, can I have your Lane Bryant FREE chicken sandwich coupon??? Just kidding! I want you to kick your fat's ass! Go KIM! Go Kim! GO KIM! You rock! You'll do great.

  3. Anonymous12:20 PM

    OH! O forgot to say that for a half a second, I thought the fat ass dog pic was of minnie and then I saw the weiner. OOPS! But, maybe minnie can have him as a penpal?