Awesome! Great Job!

Just wanted to share with my readers that my 4th weigh-in at Jenny Craig has found me very pleased with myself for losing 11.2 pounds in a month.

It's been a fairly easy first month on Jenny Craig. The food is overall very tasty which still is so surprising to me. There were a few things that were hard to swallow such as their Anytime Bars which I don't buy anymore because 1% milk is much nicer. I also didn't like the salmon meal nor did I enjoy eating their tuna salad kit. YUCKO! But the really great thing about Jenny Craig is I simply have to say to Laura my counselor that I'd like to substitute the 'gross' for something else and it's a painless swap.

I have tried low fat cottage cheese for the first time in my life because on certain days it's a requirement to have 1/4 cup. I tried it and although I'm not a huge fan, I can enjoy a few spoonfuls without the gag reflect kicking in. Baby steps.

This weekend the family is going to Legal Seafoods in Natick for a dual birthday celebration in honor of Katie and Spencer. For the past week I've been looking forward to having fish and chips with a hearty desert. But after talking it over with my counselor, I have decided to forgo the splurge for two reasons: (1) I lost 3.2 pounds this week and I want to keep the momentum going strong and most importantly (2) eating fried food might wreck havoc on my delicate Eco system after eating healthy for four weeks. Makes sense to me. Her advice reminded me of an unfortuate incident I had many months ago when I decided to have a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with Cheese.

I'm doing great staying focused and taking good care of myself these days. It feels weird to be so concerned about myself when for countless years I put the needs of my mother first. Every pound that comes off my body reminds me that I'm slowly melting away the results of past stress and frustration and eventually I'll grow myself back.

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