Happy Birthday America!

I’ve discovered over the past few years that there are many benefits to having a long weekend as a result of a holiday landing on a Friday or a Monday.

This upcoming Fourth of July lands on a Friday and already I’m noticing less traffic on Routes 495 and 9. Monday found me running very late for work, yet due to the decreased traffic, I managed to slide into work only ten minutes late.

I’ve also noticed that people who work in offices with a holiday landing at the beginning or ending of a week take full advantage of pushing all their priorities into other’s in-boxes. They clear their desks and feel something akin to accomplishment when they can tell their supervisor or manager with confidence that they don’t have any outstanding issues going into a long holiday weekend. No worries! I’m typically the recipient of other worker’s problems. Their emails land fat and happy into my in-box and I struggle to maintain my composure trying to get everything all done before I feel comfortable celebrating any holiday we all take for granted.

Another aspect of the long weekend is getting into a funk of not wanting to achieve anything substantial because your week will be interrupted by the upcoming holiday. I typically look forward to Thursday and Friday because it’s usually at this point in the week that meeting requests diminish and folks start to slid into their weekend. Monday through Wednesday always finds me the busiest and certainly looking forward to a smooth transition into the end of the week.

Summer holidays like Fourth of July are also impacted by office workers who decide to throw in a week’s vacation on top of their holiday. Because I’m no strategist when it comes to planning to extend a holiday weekend by another day or better yet, another week- I always say to myself that next year I’ll remember to do things differently. (I said this last year and the year before that…I’ll never learn.)

Since today is Wednesday and two days before the big holiday weekend, everything around me has slowed down except me. I’m definitely looking forward to the long three-day weekend, but it’s difficult to focus on the long term benefit of sleeping in and being leisurely when I know there’s still one more day of work left in my week

At least tonight after work I can look forward to seeing Kung Fu Panda at Showcase North and ease into Thursday knowing it truly is the last day of my holiday week.

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  1. Anonymous1:03 AM

    Went to the HAPPENING tonight and thought of YOU! Have you seen it yet? It's a comedy, right? MW is not faggy enough for a mood ring. Are they serious?