I'm Not Hungry Like...

It's funny how Friday rolls around and I realize that I'll be able to go back to Jenny Craig to get weighed again and replenish my fridge in a matter of days.  I actually now look forward to stepping on their scale.

As I've mentioned in the past, the program is very flexible about substituting one food for another if I don't like it.  I was thinking this morning that I'd like to ask my counselor Laura if I could have a muffin two times next week instead of the one I'm usually given in my menu planner.  They taste so good and I realize that I grow to look forward to the one day in the week that I have a banana and a blueberry muffin with my morning coffee and Fox25 news.  (That's what happened this morning and it was deliciously wonderful)

I came home from work today and decided to take a quick nap.  The nap ended up lasting until about 8pm and I realized after I had woken up that I still hadn't eaten dinner.  I wasn't hungry, but decided to eat anyways because it was getting so late.  That's the great thing about this weight loss program-it's very rare that I have that famished feeling at anytime during the day.

I'm also continue to make good choices about avoiding temptation.  It was so beautiful today that a few of us decided to go get sandwiches at a local deli and then go back to Sharon's house to sit out on her deck in the sun.  Sharon recently joined Weight Watchers and I already had my lunch so we simply skipped going inside the deli.  Instead we microwaved our lunch and enjoyed the beautiful sunny day.  I would never have been able to stay away from going to the deli to get a great sandwich in the past.  Being on this Jenny Craig plan really is motivating me to think about how and when I eat food. 

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