Minnie is starting to get Mini herself !

Our beagle Minnie went to Furry Essentials this morning for her 10:30am grooming appointment.  Joanne mentioned that Minnie looked like she had lost some weight.  I happily explained that I had noticed a difference and it was probably because we've ramped up the night-time walks and have been feeding her a weight-management dog food.  I also joined Jenny Craig a month ago which has resulted in Minnie licking low-fat Ranch dressing from my salad bowl rather than eating left over pizza crusts.

When I returned at noon to pick her up, Joanne and June were so excited to tell me that Minnie weighs 24 pounds!  They last weighed her in January and she was 30 pounds.  I couldn't believe it.  I was in shock.  I mean, I noticed that the sides of her body looked a little slimmer, but six pounds?  Joanne joked about Minnie's "girlish figure." 

Upon returning to the car, I excitedly called my sister-in-law Katie's cell phone to share the good news.  Katie's been doing a great job of stopping over the house at various times each day to take Minnie on a round and sometimes the very long walk over at her house in Shrewsbury.

When Spencer got home and I gave him the good news he said something like "I doubt it."  I was crestfallen.  I knew losing six pounds in six months was too good to be true.  I thought about it and re-evaluated Minnie's 'girlish figure'.  She still was a little plump around her middle, but she definitely had developed a curve.  Maybe she lost some weight?

I guess the only way to tell is to put some fresh batteries in my digital scale and weigh her myself.  So wish us luck.  I'll be sure to post the results soon.

In other news, I discovered this site called SensibleUnits that has a clean, nifty interface proclaiming to "Convert boring units to real objects as you type."   So for the hell of it, I typed in 11.2 pounds and received the following results:

  • 36 wireless computer mice
  • 12 cans of baked beans
  • 3.1 average physics textbooks
  • 1 average domestic cat
I particulary can relate my 11.2 pound weight loss to following the Jenny Craig plan, but being able to visualize that my weight loss represented a kitty cat was more meaningful.   I recall a while back thinking as I hoisted Minnie up into my arms that this is what carrying 30 pounds on my body feels like.  I further realized that to get back to an ideal healthy weight for me would mean losing about 90 pounds.  Think about it.  I'm walking around with three Beagles on my 5'2 frame. 

I'm hoping this Tuesday will find me celebrating my first miletone of 5% weight loss since being on the program. I think I'm going to continue to track my weight loss and see what it amounts to in common everyday objects such as 12 cans of baked beans. 

I can't wait to achieve 1 average Beagle.

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