The Truth is FINALLY here!

Its one hour and 15 minutes before I'll be able to experience The X-Files: I want to believe movie at Showcase North. I bought my ticket online earlier in the week from and was annoyed at their surcharge, but still pleased that I got my golden ticket.

I actually had this really detailed and very strange dream about the movie last night. Somehow I was seeing the movie at the old Lincoln Plaza cinema and I was sitting in the movie theatre with my mom and dad on each side of me. The dream morphed into a floating view of Dana Scully having this meeting with Fox Mulder about the two children that they had together. Apparently Dana was in prison and had given birth to both boys as a gift to Mulder. She did something terrible that landed her in prison and Mulder was out there in the world raising their sons together. No signs of Aliens or conspiracy anywhere. Odd. Part way through the dream it started to dissolve and I distinctly remember going up to the ticket booth to complain because their movie projector died and I wasn't able to see the remainder of the movie. I was very pissed off, too.

I must make thank my dad for introducing me to The X-Files.  He used to watch it faithfully every Friday night because he loved a good alien story.  I missed the first five episodes of the first season, but through re-runs was able to catch up on what I missed.  We watched it together most Friday nights in lieu of a movie rental and it was a great thing to do together.  Maybe that's why he and my mom were in my dream last night?

But now it's 10:20am and I still have this wonderful thing to look forward to: I'm going to see the movie this morning. All by myself. It will be me, my bag of fruit to snack on and whoever else is nuts enough to sit in a movie theatre at 11:30am on a Friday morning when today is really the most perfect day weather-wise. No tornadoes, no drenching downpours, the sun is out and the clouds are floating across the sky.

I am going into this movie without any expectations. The previews have been bland as hell and I'm hoping that the film surprises me since Chris Carter has been very protective about revealing the plotline of the movie.  I know it's not going to do The Dark Night numbers the box office this opening weekend, but hopefully the legion of fans known as X-Philes will come in droves to the theatre to support a show that has given them such fond memories of watching groundbreaking television in the the early 90's. 
Today and today only, is offering each of the 9 seasons on DVD at 60% off. That's $19.99 for each season.A very good deal indeed.

I don't think my strength is writing movie reviews, but I will definitely do a post later this weekend telling you about my experience.

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