Little Things Mean So Much

We might be in a recession, but this morning I noticed our cafeteria at Corporate had sparkling new silverware. It was the topic of conversation this morning at breakfast.  My coffee required just one of those little stirring straws so I didn't get the use the new silverware, but I did notice the forks had three tines instead of four.  Needless to say, I was itching for lunch time to come.

The heft of the silverware made me sit up straighter in my chair and eat my Jenny Craig rotini and meatballs with a sense of grace and style never before experienced in our cafeteria.  I took slower than usual bites enjoying the steely crisp taste of the new silverware and I secretly hoped that I'd forget and bring a fork or spoon home with me in my lunch bag.  Just kidding! 

It's small little pleasures like this that make coming into work on a damp rainy Monday worth it. 

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