My Crazy Neighbors Moved!

My crazy neighbors moved! I don't know exactly when this blessed event took place because I certainly missed it. I was walking Minnie recently and mentioned to Spencer that it was weird not to see any cars or trucks in their driveway. The place just looked empty and cleared out. Sure enough, they are gone.

I definitely know this because the pile of trash on the left side of their house (in their other driveway) is completely gone, all the big plastic toys that littered their back yard have been removed and there aren’t any curtains in the windows.

Why did I consider them crazy neighbors? I’d have to first point out the Amber Alert a couple years ago when the young girl's boyfriend allegedly took an axe to the front door of the house and kidnapped the girl, but left their infant son at the house unharmed. There were the countless domestic disturbances always followed by visits from the police and the freakishly loud swear-fests that took place on any given day.

Also, I never knew exactly how many people were living at the house on any given day and there were always expensive and junky vehicles coming and going at all hours of the day and night which indicated to me that drug deals may have been happening. I’m glad to be rid of the strange man with the protruding beer belly who would creepily walk to the edge of the driveway in the dark of night and just sort of stand there doing nothing It made walking Minnie sometimes by myself a little scary. I won’t miss seeing him.

The only good thing about these neighbors was their Boxer dog named Rosie. We'll miss her. She was a beauty and boy could she run! She used to startle me all the time by simply appearing behind me when I was in our driveway or in the yard--I could never hear her coming. I’ve never been around such a quiet dog. Trash Day on Tuesday mornings won’t be the same around here without her. She was a good trash bag ripper and drove the other neighbors’ nuts. I also found she was a good deterrent for keeping some of the annoying local kids away because she used to like to chase after them in excitement which lead to the kids being afraid and staying closer to home. We also used to toss out Minnie's old Dingo bones in our front yard for Rosie to eat if she happened to be passing by and most times we carried a little treat in our pockets while we walked Minnie just in case Rosie happened to join us.

I don't know why the crazy neighbors left, but I can tell you this has made my entire weekend!

[photo of Rosie taken in our backyard]

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