A New Temptation

I’ve been on Jenny Craig for seven weeks now and have successfully resisted a handful of mild to medium temptations that would derail my weight loss program. However, I have just read about a new Eggo breakfast product (and we all know how much I salivate over “new” products and packaging!) that is going to haunt me for the next year: Eggo Bake Shop Swirlz frozen pastry.

It’s like a frozen Cinnabon Cinnamon roll without the 300 calories and 15 grams of fat. These little beauties have 150 calories and pack a mere 3 grams of fat. If you’re on weight watchers that would translate into 7 points Cinnabon compared to 3 points Eggos.

My typical breakfast prior to joining Jenny Craig was 2 Cinnamon Pop Tarts or 2 blueberry Eggo waffles or a heaping bowl Cookie Crisp cereal. No wonder I’m a fatty, right? My typical breakfast now consists of a chopped banana sprinkled with cinnamon, dipped in no-fat Cool Whip and a low-fat banana muffin. Sadly, this is my treat breakfast during the week. I’ve even gone so far as to substitute one of my frozen breakfast scrambles for a blueberry muffin so I could have 2 muffins a week. I’m working up the nerve to ask the counselor if I can three a week because this is the best breakfast I can have in my new healthy regimen.

It’s going to be so hard when I finally see these in my grocer’s freezer. I’ll have to develop a strategy of walking down the aisle to the very left of the freezers so I don’t even peek in to see if my local Price Chopper is stocking them. I highly doubt I’ll be able to talk to my counselor and get her blessing, but I sure would like to ask her anyways. These Eggo Bake Shop Swirlzs look absolutely delicious. I want to try one so bad.

But every time I successfully resist something such as this new frozen treat, I know that I’m taking a step in the right direction. I’m making an investment in myself to put healthy food in my body. I have to continue on the program for the next year, achieve my weight loss goal and learn how to incorporate food such as these new Eggos into my breakfast.

I have to remind myself that this weight loss program is not forever. Someday I’ll be able to have one of these. The result of being successful in losing all this weight will be that I’ll grow to appreciate an occasional treat such as this new Eggo breakfast pastry realizing that my new relationship in food is all about moderation and less about indulging in gluttony.

June 2009 is a long way away. I’m hoping these new breakfast pastries make it as a permanent part of the Eggo family. But if they don’t, I have no doubt that some other company out there will launch something as equally yummy for me to savor and appreciate.

I’ve just got to hang in there.

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