Sexy People

If you're like me then you love looking through old photo albums to compare your younger self to your now self. 
I have photo albums everywhere in my house.  Someday I want to pull every single photo out of their album and categorize them either by a timeline or a subject such as "My Pets" or "Mom and Dad" or "Co-Workers"  I walk a fine line between becoming a careful cataloger of my past or a crazy scrapbook lady.

I found the blog Sexy People this morning and I just can't stop looking at all the old portraits people have submitted of themselves.  The site describes itself as "A Celebration of the Perfect Portrait."

I'll confess - Jakob (pictured here) hooked me.  This has got to be one of the funniest portraits I've ever seen. 

It makes me want to scan in a family photo that is currently hanging in my office at work.  I'm standing with a big happy gap-toothed grin on my face while being flanked by Mom and Dad.  My  Mom looks great with her 'bologna' curls that she was so proud of and my Dad is actually wearing a dress shirt.  (He was a Harley Davidson enthusiast as well as a long-distance truck driver so he never really had a need to dress up.)  In fact, the only time I can recall him dressing up (aside from sporting a tux and walking me down the aisle) was when I graduated from High School.  He wore this trippy silk shirt that depicted an old west scene of the devil riding a big bull with a whip in his hands-very freaky. 

The other funny thing about this family portrait was my Red/White Winnie the Pooh frilly little girl dress and this crazy gold frog necklace that my mother insisted I wear for the shoot.  I remember being very mad at her for making me wear a necklace because I didn't think I needed it what with the big Winnie the Pooh across my upper chest.   Even back then I wanted things to coordinate right.

Why not visit Sexy People when you're bored and looking to peep into someone's life?  You might just want to submit your own photograph.... for posterity sake.

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  1. Anonymous9:37 AM

    OMG! That was the best blog I have seen in a long time. My fave is "the brothers in brew".