Staycation All I Ever Wanted

Definition of Staycation:
A vacation that is spent at one's home enjoying all that home and one's home environs have to offer.

Spencer and I are taking our first Staycation together the week of August 18th. I typically take that week off from work because it’s the week of our wedding anniversary – this year we’ll be celebrating 22 years together and 18 years of it we’ve been married. Time flies when you’re having fun!

Our original thought was to take a quick trip to Las Vegas to see Penn and Teller’s show, visit the Hoover Dam and the biggest M&M store in the US and then head home. But I’m not that savvy a traveler and I’ve discovered that the expense of flying to Las Vegas for a three-night stay is cost-prohibitive. I actually thought if I planned a flight really close to the time I wanted to leave that I’d get a better deal. Sadly not the case this time. Leaving on a Wednesday and coming home on a Saturday is right now very, very expensive.

There are definite downsides to air travel as well. Getting up wicked early to be picked up by Worcester Airport Limousine so we can arrive at Logan Airport five hours before our intended departure time just so we have enough time to get through the myriad of security checks. Fluids and luggage are now also an issue – not in that order, but I’d have to seriously consider my toiletries and that’s simply too stressful. I shouldn’t have to measure my Listerine and I most certainly should be able to bring however many sticks prettily tinted lipstick and pressed powder that is necessary for me to look my best. Also, paying $25 to check a bag is a rip-off considering I’ve had my luggage lost one to many times. Not to mention that if we buy anything on our trip, we would have to haul it back in luggage that could be potentially misplaced.

We talked last night about our vacation options because Spencer was able to switch around his work schedule so that we have Wednesday through Saturday completely together without any obligations. After deciding it’s just going to cost too much to fly to Las Vegas right now, we thought about looking into maybe staying a few nights in different places in New England. Thus the concept of our 2008 Summer Staycation was born.

Right now we’re looking to visit Arcadia National Park. We may stay a night in Bar Harbor, Maine. We might do two nights in Vermont. There are so many travel possibilities here in New England that don’t involve flying or a passport and I think this upcoming vacation will be the start of something wonderful – we’re getting as far away from our house as possible to appreciate the sites and sounds of somewhere other than our backyard.

I’m looking forward to mapping and planning our upcoming New England adventure. The benefit of traveling by car is we can make our own flexible schedule. We don’t have to get up super early to be somewhere so we can fly to another destination. The car gives us the luxury of stuffing our trunk with as much liquids and luggage as possible and should the need arrive to buy lots of stuff, we can charge up a storm and not have to worry about our purchases getting lost. I can’t see a downside to this at all.

If you have any suggestions on places we could visit to find clusters of little shops where I can buy unique things not found in a Target that would be great and much appreciated!

Check back here a little later in the month to read more about our 2008 Summer Staycation.

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  1. Anonymous10:12 PM

    Ever been to Newport, RI? It's nice. And you can stay somewhere there for not a lot of $$$.

  2. Anonymous11:39 AM

    while the room might be a bit pricey, you can't beat the Vineyard or Nantucket! And the shops on the Vineyard offer all kinds of interesting shopping! Just a thought. I've been there MANY times and never been let down. A bonus is the fun ferry ride over to the islands!