A Cold Front Blowing In

Seems to me that I just need to think about getting sick and I get sick.  It's the weirdest thing about my inner-mechanics. I made a friendly bet with one of my co-workers that he wouldn't get sick prior to leaving for his cruise next week.  We bet $5 on it and somehow I'm the one that got sick.  No fair.

The absolute worst part of getting a cold is when you have that scratchy sore throat in the middle of Sunday night.  You wake up at 6am and toddle into work just knowing that you're doomed for the rest of the week.  Five work days feels more like twenty when you're sick. My cold hit me full force around Tuesday night which resulted in me calling in sick on Wednesday, but only after reviewing all my meetings in Outlook and establishing an out-of-office in a Nyquil-induced haze. 

I spent Wednesday in and out of consciousness. I sneezed, snuffled and hacked myself up a fine mess into  tissues and still the sinus pressure and the sore throat raged on. At one point, my ears were insanely itchy so I stumbled out of bed and inserted a few q-tips into my orfices to see if swabbing the decks might offer a bit of relief.  Not so much.

Wednesday night I remembered a pretty important meeting that I had at 8am on Thursday morning so I went down to the car, grabbed my laptop bag and did a little work from the couch hoping that my efforts would help me squeak by further inquiry the next morning.  I prepared for the meeting by also not injesting any more Nyquil because the blessed green juice makes me feel like an unnaturally drugged woman.  Instead, I awoke this morning and crawled out of bed popping two Dayquil tablets and somehow driving myself into work.  I also dressed all in black this morning because somehow the color just suited me today. Apparently I was mourning my usual perky self.

I made it through my presentation and didn't think twice when it was strongly suggested that perhaps I might want to work from home today.  So here I am on the couch waiting for noon when I can take more Nyquil and go off to lala land for a few hours.  To sleep perchance to dream....

I don't know what it is about getting sick, but when I'm sick I appreciate my life so much more.  I fantasize about how good I'll feel when I can get back to my exercise routine.  I imagine what it will be like to sleep soundly while breathing through my nostrils and most importantly, the return of my chrystal clear thinking. These past few days have found me dazed and confused while trying to follow a conversation and I'm looking forward to being back to my old happy self. 

I predict that this cold won't turn into a nasty sinus infection because I'm going to get lots of rest and take good care of myself these next few days. Once the cold has run its course, I'll be as good as new.  However, my pocket will be five bucks lighter because I'm sure just by coming into work today to do my presentation, my co-worker caught a little something something from me.  Sorry Rick - I owe you five bucks.

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