It's Not A Pup Tent...It's A Poop Tent

It's been one long rainy weekend.  It's never a good day for our beagle Minnie when it rains.  She has a keen sense of *something* that alerts her to rain.  I am constantly amazed at her perceptiveness when it comes to Mother Nature.
A rainy day means she will hold it in all day if she has to because NOTHING is getting her to walk down our front steps and go for a round.  If we're able to get her to cross the threshold of our front door, she'll hunker down with all the stubborness and determination of a bull dog and will not budge. 
Yesterday while Spencer was at work it was my job to get her to go pee.  I opened the door and had to tug her down the stairs for her own good.  Once her paws hit the wet pavement she must have been silently calling me a bitch because walking in the rain is just not fun for her.
And forget about trying to get her to pee and poop in our backyard.  The only way Spencer can coax her is with jerky treats.  So when I came across this Benji Ventures Poop Tent, I had to check it out.

There is NO WAY this tent would work for our dog.  It's meant to be set up outside to shield your pet from the elements while they go to the bathroom.  The reason why this wouldn't work for Minnie is because there's nothing to keep her paws dry on the lawn.  It's simply a tent.  Granted I'll give you a chance to say it might be good for pets who don't want to do their business with the rain pelting them, but the product description says it protects them from the snow.  The snow?  If you live in New England, there is no way you're hauling this flimsy vinyl tent outside so your dog can go to the bathroom.  No way in hell.

It's even suggested that you get your dog to understand the purpose of the tent, one should "Place some of their waste in the tent to introduce them to its purpose."  If you read the product reviews from people who have bought this tent they're at best mixed reviews.

I almost want to spend the $19.16 for this crappy tent (pun intended) just to see the look on Minnie's face when I try to get her to take a pee inside the tent.  The only way she would get into that thing is if there was a plate of food in there.

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