So Say We All

The denizen's of my Corporate office have spoken and the dinner plates in our cafeteria are back! 

I went down for lunch this afternoon and just as I was thinking to myself that the plastic oval soup bowl was going to be a bit tricky in the microwave with my Jenny Craig Chile Con Carne lunch...I reached for the plastic bowl and instead got the familiar cool-to-the-touch porcelain dinner plate.  I immediately spoke out loud to the man standing to my left:  "Hey!" I excitedly exclaimed, "The dinner plates are back!"  The way he looked at me in response to my announcement made it clear that he was an outsider just visiting today.

Unable to contain my excitement, I bounded over to the cashier to ask why the dinner plates were back.  She explained that people complained about not liking the two sizes of plastic bowls so they decided to bring back the dinner plates.  Just like that. I couldn't believe it.  Our employees apparently expressed a negative opinion about the plastic bowls and the cafeteria Powers-That-Be chose to revert back to same old same old.  Way to go, Sodexo!

But I just don't get it.  I submitted a "We'd Like To Know" form about two months ago suggesting that they may want to consider additional coffee flavors other than Hazelnut and Vanilla Nut.  "Whatever happened to the Irish Creme flavor?" I asked.   Eventually I got my way and they began serving Irish Creme again, but now I'm known to all the cashiers as the Irish Creme lady.  It's embarrassing to be so noteworthy over something so inconsequential.  On the mornings that Irish Creme is served, I'm asked several times by the cashier, "Did you see the Irish Creme?"  or   "Did you get the Irish Creme today?"  Seriously, enough already!  I got my damned Irish Creme and I don't need to be reminded about it every morning.  Thank you!!

On second thought, I don't know what I'm complaining about.  What I should do is fill out another one of those "We'd Like To Know" cards simply asking that the flavor be renamed to "Kim's Irish Creme."  If family-operated sandwhich shops can name a sandwich after their favorite customers, the least my corporate office could do is type up a fancy tag and name the flavor after me.

After all, they brought the plates back!

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