They're Bringing (Sexy) Alien Lizards Back!!

OMG! I just read online that ABC is remaking "V" !!  I loved that mini-series back in 1984 when I was fourteen years old. 

I can remember Karen and I watching the four-hour mini-series and talking about it at school the next day. 

Remember-this was back when there wasn't IM, Chat Rooms or text messages.  If you wanted to talk to your BFF then you had to (a) pick up your Princess phone and call her (b) write her a detailed note about what you didn't understand from last night's episode or (c) wait until 5th period when you could see each other face-to-face.  So frustrating!

I happened across V a few months ago  and tried watching part of the mini-series to sort of re-live the magic, but I simply couldn't get through ten minutes of it because it was so bad and unbelievably cheesy.  But here's the thing: it doesn't really matter because this was one of the biggest mini-series back when I was just a kid.  Aside from The Thorn Birds...

I think V was special to me because it featured reptillian SEX with a human and was fascinating.  That's right-I said it.  Robin Maxwell got her freak-on with one of the Visitors and (SHOCK!) she got knocked up with twins.  Good and Evil twins. And guess who survived?  If you chose the lovely ordinary cute-as-a-button  Elizabeth (aka The StarChild) then you'd have guessed correctly.  The other green machine didn't survive and earth turned out to be a  better place because of it.
I really could go into so much more detail, but I don't want to bore you to reptile tears.   Suffice it to say that this remake might potentially be very good (as in Totally Awesome to the Max) as it's being penned by writer/director Scott Peters who was the creator/writer and director of the short-lived TV show The 4400.  (Note to self: add Season 1 to my Netflix que.)

Lately there are just so many remakes kicking around out there that you wonder if anyone in Hollywood has an original thought left.  I mean, seriously, did they really need to bring back 90210?  Wasn't The Hills and Gossip Girl enough to satisfy our guilty (slutty) pleasures? 

Now if only I could get Pixar Studios interested in doing a movie about  Barabpapas...

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