Healthy Holiday Eating Tips

Our corporate office is having a Healthy Holiday Eating seminar on November 18th. I was chuckling to myself when I read the topics of the meeting:

• What to eat to keep yourself energized
• Which foods are healthy and how to build these into your diet
• Which foods to avoid and how to steer clear
• What your holiday meals will look like
• What to do when the holiday is over

The following would be my suggestions for surviving the Holidays:
• How to incorporate the minimum amount of tasty goodness into your day
• Fruit Cake is not healthy even though it contains fruit – Don’t believe the hype!
• Avoid Cookie Swaps at all cost
•Craft Tip: Substitute Pirate’s Booty in place of popcorn to make holiday baubles for your Christmas Tree
• Invest in those cute little pant-expander loops because who are you kidding? There’s no way you’re going to pass up on all that delicious eggnog!

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  1. Anonymous9:03 PM

    I'd like a case of the button extender please.