Rock The Vote!

I'm heading off to the polls tonight around 7:45pm to avoid the crowds.  This year the polls in my neighborhood have been moved to Lincoln Village's Swimming Pool Center.  Really?  Really! No more visits to the Worcester Magnet School down the street which at least had ample parking.  Instead my district has decided on possibly the worst location to have people vote - a run down activities center in the middle of a low-income housing area. 

I've heard many co-workers asking each other if they've gone to vote yet.  One person couldn't attend an important meeting this morning because he was out voting.  C'mon-the meeting was at 9:30pm.  Can someone really use voting as an excuse to not be to work at the designated time?  Apparently he took his civic duty very seriously much to the detriment of very my important meeting.  God Bless that Patriot!

Many of my co-workers have already gone to vote this morning.  It's been a mixed bag of responses concerning how busy the polling areas have been and I'm a little concerned about how I'm going to handle standing in a long line to vote in a swimming pool center.  Will my mind wander?  Will I get caught up in other people's conversations about (a) how irritated they are that the voting location changed this year or (b) express concern over how Question 1 is going to change EVERYTHING?

Personally I rather take a trip up to Route 3 North and vote in New Hampshire because obviously John Sununu and Jeanne Shaheen have spent a lot of cash to slam their political ads down my throat each and every morning for the past sixteen weeks and I want to return the favor by giving one of them my hard-earned vote.

Spencer and I took a trip up to North Conway, NH this past weekend and I was amazed at the number of signs decorating people's front lawns that were made out of poster board and black magic markers.  Vote For Obama!  Vote for McCain! Some jazzed up their political signs with glitter and neon colored magic markers.  We passed through one town where a whole bunch of  young girls were standing on the corner imploring me to "Honk for Change". 

I will be pleased when the election is over.  Very pleased.  Either way this election is going to be historical in the sense that we'll either have our first female Vice President or our first Black President.  This might also be the only election in history where over 70% of the registered voters actually vote.

I just hope Obama wins...'cause Tina Fey is getting tired y'all!

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