Back On The Wagon

I admit it.  I fell off the Jenny Craig wagon back in early October.  I was doing so good on the program that I made the grave mistake of thinking I could continue losing weight on my own.  What was I thinking?  Especially with Halloween right around the corner.  As Homer is fond of saying, "D'Oh!"

At first I wasn't doing so bad.  I continued to exercise and watched what I ate very carefully.  But as time passed, I found myself slipping back into my old self-medicating ways.  Watching TV while eating a bag of nicely-burned buttered microwaved popcorn sure did make me feel good.  Being able to have ice cream again was heavenly.

But I received a much-needed slap in the face by my friend and co-worker Michelle. She must have observed me snacking a little too much and had the balls to send me an instant message telling me in no uncertain terms that I was sabotaging myself. I immediately felt my cheeks flush red because it felt like I got caught reaching into the cookie jar.  But it was what I needed to hear and what I wasn't allowing myself to act upon.  I knew I was out of control.  I knew that I made a mistake going off of Jenny Craig and I knew without a doubt what needed to be done.

That very day I called a different Jenny Craig center and set up an appointment to see about rejoining the program.  I addressed all the concerns that were driving factors in my decision to go it alone.  They were as follows:

  • My counselor never had a weight problem and therefore I found it really difficult to relate to her advice.
  • I was getting tired of my weekly appointments getting shifted all over the place based on when my counselor was available.  What was once a steady appointment of 5:30pm on a Tuesday turned into appointments after 6pm which resulted in me getting home after work around 7pm or later.
  • The food is really expensive. A frozen meal may cost over $5 when I could buy a similar Lean Cuisine or Weight Watchers meal much less at the grocery store.
  • I was getting really annoyed with my counselor always asking me if I needed any bars or salad dressing or snacks when I tried to cut down my Jenny food purchases.
I'm happy to say that I re-committed myself to Jenny Craig this past week because I addressed all the things that were bothering me about the program.  Here's what I did:

  • I have a new counselor who has a weight problem herself. During my first appointment with Jackie,  she made me feel instantly better by telling me that I should forget what has happened in the past and focus on TODAY.  When we talked about events that I had coming up this week, I told her about a Christmas party that I'm going to and she gave me some helpful tips on how to survive it.  Not "Don't eat a thing", but rather suggested that I eat my meal before hand and if I find myself wanting to snack choose first any vegetables or fruit that might be offered.  But she did also say to me, "It's OK to have a small snack if you need to, but just have one or two."  She then offered to call me this upcoming Tuesday to check in with me to see how I did at the party.  
  • I found out that I don't have to spend a minimum dollar amount on Jenny Craig food to do the program.  I always assumed that I had to and it was such a relief to hear otherwise.  I could buy a little or as much food as I wanted each week.
  • My weekly appointment is every Saturday at 10am with Jackie.  It's late enough in the morning that I get to sleep in and it's convenient because the center is only ten minutes away from my house. 
I had my first appointment this past Saturday and it went well.  I'm able to forgive myself for falling off the wagon and proud of myself for admitting going off the program was a big mistake.  I know that eventually I'll have to learn to maintain my weight loss without eating Jenny Craig food, but for right now it's a very good thing that I realized I can't lose all this weight on my own.  I need the help and support of Jenny Craig and in my book that's going to be money well spent - on myself.

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  1. Glad you're back on the program with a counselor you enjoy! Remember that you're not alone, others are going through the same struggles and triumphs you are. Have you checked out the forums on the JC website? They're pretty active and have a lot of great advice!