Christmas Is Cancelled

Now that it's officially Christmas Eve, I thought it only appropriate to share the above picture with my readers.  My co-worker and good friend Sue gave me this little hacked photo about a month ago and it’s been posted on my monitor throughout the month of December.

Like many, I’m a big fan of The Office. I have been ever since I came across the brilliant original version years ago on the BBC. I really felt the Americanized version of The Office didn’t have the same understated spark as it’s British counterpart, but over the past few seasons I’ve grown to really appreciate the differences between the two shows.

I very much look forward to rounding out my work week hitting the ‘select’ command on my DVR because I can’t wait to see what happens next between Angela and Dwight. The most recent episode – Moroccan Christmas-was fantastic! I loved poor Meredith Palmer setting her hair on fire while she was dancing drunk at the company Christmas party which led Michael to conduct an impromptu intervention…during the Christmas Party. Only Michael would think that dropping someone off at a rehab clinic was a perfectly acceptable solution to a co-worker’s drinking problem. The poor clueless man never considered that rehab was an option.

I recently heard that Jack Black is going to appear in an episode airing after The Super Bowl. I love Jack Black and am really looking forward to seeing what the writers come up with to feature his many talents. I could see him playing a stalker very easily – maybe Meredith’s ex-boyfriend?

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  1. RE: The American Office

    Come on snipers, where are you?