Life Is Wood

Lunch conversation today involved my co-worker Rick sharing his entomological horror stories while on past tropical vacations. Our discussion was a result of Marco asking me if my neighborhood in Worcester has been affected by the Asian Long Horned Beetle infestation.

Luckily our property appears to be beetle free because I haven’t received a certified letter from the City of Worcester requesting permission to fell any of my forestry. And really, who am I kidding? I only have a few infertile berry trees and my beloved Golden Chain Tree that my dad planted years and years ago.

Actually, I wish this whole bug infestation bubbled up three or four years ago because it would have saved me lots of money that we paid to a tree removal service cut down various backyard trees and grinding of the stumps. It gets better!

We had a Kwanza Cherry Tree in our front yard that continued to flower beautifully in the Spring, but otherwise looked dangerously weak in the remaining three Seasons. My dad planted this tree back in the late 70’s and I’ve always loved it’s Carnation-like pink blooms. (Making the decision to cut it down was really difficult for me because I felt like I was just letting another part of my Dad disappear from my life after his death.) Wouldn’t you know that months after we spent $600 to remove the tree, the City of Worcester announced our private street was about to become a public street! This involved a thorough survey of all the frontage to the homes on Miami Street and removal of any trees that stood in the way of the paving project. If only I had waited just a little bit longer.

I mention this arborist history to demonstrate that since I eliminated so many trees in our yard, I’m pretty comfortable in saying that I don’t think me and the Asian Long Horned Beetle will be crossing paths anytime in the near future. But knowing that these little pests are out there terrorizing my neighbor’s trees doesn’t make me sleep easy at night. This is one Beetle Invasion that I can do without.

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