Wait and See

I am in a holding pattern as far as my job is concerned right now.  I knew the lay offs were coming, but what I didn't know was the percentage or the approximate number of jobs being cut.  I had to find out both from watching the Fox 25 news this morning and that wasn't cool.

Today the first wave hit today at other surrounding locations and the gossip and whispering escalated as the day slowly dragged on.  Honest to God, I looked at the time on my PC and couldn't believe it was only 2pm.  At points during my day, it felt like I was there for 48 hours--it was just that kind of a crappy scary day.

The one good thing about today was being able to go hang out in the big auditorium to watch President Obama get sworn in as the 44th President of the United States.  I found myself openly weeping during portions of his speech because he got me all riled up.  I sniffled and wiped away tears as he spoke to America and in a strange way he comforted me today during all this corporate layoff mess.  I can't put a finger as to why the tears came so easily this afternoon, but I suspect that watching the President speak about the future of our nation allowed me to realize and certainly appreciate that there are bigger issues than this little drama playing out in my life at the moment.

By the end of the day tomorrow,  I should know if my employment will remain steady.  But I can't help thinking about Fred G. Sanford clutching his chest and proclaiming:   "Oh!Oh! This is the big one! I'm comin', Elizabeth!

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  1. Anonymous9:41 AM

    I feel for you and your co-workers, Kim. We are dealing with the same thing here since November and it is gut-wrenching. I hate not knowing, and I also hate finding out for sure. Not good. I have my fingers crossed for you.