She's Not Surprised At All

My co-worker Michelle sent me an email a while back depicting a toilet all decked out to look like a scarecrow.  She said she saw it and immediately thought of me.  Her exact words were:  I saw this and thought of you...this is "too much time on your hands" in my book.... Her email sparked a quick response from another co-worker Jillian: 
I think they took this picture at Kim's house!

I quickly responded as follows: C’Mon!  That is way too creepy.  Do you think I’d want a creepy scarecrow smiling at me while I went Potty?  I don’t think so.  But I do appreciate the use of the tissue dispenser in the top of the hat.  Her reply came just as quickly back: You’re right!  What was I thinking?? – its not like it was something cool like a demon coming out of your wall or anything.  To which I replied,  Ahem, it was a grey ALIEN.  Completely different.

Here's the photo of the grey Alien that Spencer bought me as a gift from Design Toscano 

I had posted a link on my Facebook wall saying how much I loved this Alien and how I wanted to own it for our house.  He surprised me later with this little guy and suggested that we repaint our bedroom so that we could put the alien over our bed.  I immediately thought this was a fabulous idea!  Right now our bedroom is painted bright Big Bird yellow because that's my favorite color, but what I didn't realize when I painted the room was pretty much nothing goes well with bright yellow. So now you know about one of my upcoming house projects.  

The next step is trying to convince Jillian to sew me some nice bedroom curtains with spaceships on them.

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